DTM TaxiI offered private passenger transport, airport and wheelchair transport and shuttle services.

The Antwerp taxi company DTM Taxi was one of the best-known companies in the country. “It was coming, but it was still a difficult decision,” said counsel Piet van Gheem today on Radio 2. “It is a family business, and the employees are almost considered family. But there was no other way.” The company started in the early 70s and was together with Antwerp tax en V-Tax the Flemish companies that have set the tone for the Flemish taxi sector. 

After more than fifty years of service, DTM is now coming to an end (Deurnese taxi company) which could no longer keep its head above water due to successive crises. In a press release, DTM Taxi mentions, among other things, the corona crisis, as a result of which the catering and cultural sector were closed for a long time, but also the high fuel prices and the rising wage costs. In addition, competition from Uber's private drivers also plays a role. 

Photo: Pitane Blue - DTM taxi Antwerp

"After a rich history of more than 50 years, it is with great regret that we put down the books of our family business. Why? The crisis too much. We barely caught our breath after corona when fuel prices suddenly rose. skyrocketing energy costs, higher wages, inflation and people looking en masse for cheaper transport alternatives. We have tried our best to find solutions, but we have not found them ... unfortunately. We want all our customers, and certainly also us staff, for their trust and hard work over the past decades. Thanks to you, DTM grew into a leading transport company with a rock-solid reputation. And we will always be very grateful to you for that. See you soon!"

Red numbers

The fact that the company has been going bad for a long time is evident from the Numbers of recent years where the epitome was negative equity after 2017 and losses increased significantly. Despite everything, manager Steve Van Avermaet did not manage to keep the company afloat. “We had to become more efficient, control costs better.

Last year, DTM, VHF and BEEP wanted to provide an answer to services such as Uber. It had to be a revolution in the Antwerp taxi world. According to van Avermaet, the pandemic had forced them to rethink the business. Receivers are now being appointed who can possibly look for a buyer.

DTM is located next to the airport and has been anchored with it since its inception in 1971.
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