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According to Uber, the release will go to "tens of millions" of customers in 1.200 cities around the world.

You may see some changes the next time you use the Uber app. Uber launched an updated version of its app today with the goal of simplifying and personalizing the experience for customers. The new app has a simpler home screen that should remove the barrier of those few extra taps when booking a ride or ordering a delivery.

It also allows customers to more easily access saved locations, and some iPhone users can track the progress of a ride on their lock screen which was not possible before.

The new design highlights the range of services available through Uber, aligning with efforts to sell its membership program, Uber One. For a monthly fee, the program offers ride sharing and delivery benefits.

With the redesign, Uber aims to make the user experience as effortless and intuitive as possible. Many users have had access to the new home screen for weeks. With the more widespread rollout happening today, users will be given the option to take a tour of the new home screen once the app is updated. 

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Photo: Pitane Blue - Uber App

The new home screen features carousels that ask a user for “More ways to use Uber”, “Ways to plan with Uber” or “Ways to save with Uber” that provide options for services such as adding a stop along a route or a connection to public transport.

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iPhone users with iOS 16 or later can track their rides on the lock screen without opening the Uber app via a "dynamic island," which is basically a small bubble that displays content running in the background. Today, users get notifications on their lock screen when a driver is on their way or is about to be picked up. 

Uber said live tracking and dynamic functionality will be available on the Uber Eats app in the coming months, and plans to roll out a similar feature to Android customers in the coming weeks.

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