According to the trustees, the continuity of the services seems to be guaranteed in a very short time, despite the bankruptcy of GO Sharing.

The activities of GreenMo, E-bike to Go and Helmstadt, will continue. A large proportion of employees keep their jobs. This has been announced by the curators Marc Udink and Bas Ebels.

GreenMo, founded in 2013, is best known for electric bicycles for Thuisbezorgd couriers, various flash delivery companies, Domino's Pizza and the police. In addition, they are known as a supplier of GO Sharing's well-known poisonous green scooters. In 2021, GreenMo suffered a loss of € 4,7 million and also closed last year with a loss. GreenMo was founded in 2013 by Doeke Boersma and Donny van den Oever.

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A consortium of former investors and management members are making a new start with the support of Rabobank.

Given the great interest, Curator Marc Udink has always been hopeful about a possible restart. The restart is a consortium of former investors, management members and support from Rabobank.

GO Sharing bankrupt

Yet there is another issue related to the GreenMo bankruptcy. GO Sharing meanwhile also fought for its own future, but is not included in the GreenMo relaunch. Last week the company applied for suspension of payments, but on February 15, 2023, Greenmo Rent BV, trading under the names Greenmo Rent BV, Greenmo Rent and GO Sharing, will go bankrupt. And with that the curtain has fallen for the rental company from Waardenburg of the poisonous green scooters. Marc Udink has been appointed as curator.

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