The cars are produced for the German company in the VDL Nedcar factory in Born.

VDL, one of Europe's largest contract manufacturers with a turnover of more than two billion euros, will precede the XBUS and Evetta in the future ElectricBrands produce. This means that the start-up VDL Nedcar in the Netherlands, an established production partner with extensive experience, has been able to contract for the manufacture of its light electric vehicles.

The Dutch car manufacturer, based in Born, has about 4.000 employees and 1.400 robots that produce vehicles or parts for various car manufacturers in Europe. Since mid-2014, more than a million cars have rolled off the production line at the VDL factory, in addition to large volumes of car parts. According to CEO Ralf Haller, VDL Nedcar will professionally and with a great deal of experience support the company in the further development of the fleet and ultimately benefit the customers who order or have ordered one of their vehicles.

"We are pleased that we have not only found a production location in VDL Nedcar, but also a financially stable, healthy and innovative company that will build our vehicles"

VDL Nedcar is a family business with its own research and development department with long-term goals in mind. VDL believes that the L7e class of light electric vehicles, including the XBUS and Evetta, has great potential for future mobility. Production of the Evetta with the so-called pilot series and the first delivery to dealers is planned for early 2024, shortly after which the first end customers can take delivery of the vehicle. The XBUS then follows a year later.

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"We have sufficient capacity to cover ElectricBrands' current order volume, as well as upcoming order peaks and long-running orders."

According to van Soerland, the vehicles developed by ElectricBrands and their Mobility Innovation Center can jointly contribute to shaping the future of mobility. A future in which they perform different activities for several partners at the same time. And, the collaboration with ElectricBrands offers prospects VDL employees and for VDL Nedcar.

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