Analysis shows that the average tip paid to drivers is 10% of the fare.

London is known for many iconic features, from the still existing red telephone boxes, the double decker buses, the iconic black cabs and of course the London Underground.

Although tourists often ignore taxis because of their high prices, many Londoners still use this transport every day, but not everyone tips. Still, a new striking study came out that showed that in many districts in the capital people do not want to tip taxi drivers.

In the Netherlands you can therefore decide for yourself whether you tip and how much. The rule of thumb is often 5 to 10 percent of the amount. On average, the Dutch tip 5,86 euros in a taxi. However, there are major differences at the provincial level. For example, people in Utrecht tip an average of 2,93 euros per ride, while Zeelanders tip 7,73 euros.

payment app Lopay analyzed more than 55.000 taxi fare payments in the British capital. The researchers found that only 21,31% of passengers in the affluent area of ​​Wandsworth tip their taxi driver, while in Barnet, the one lesser area, tipping was 21,65%. While Wandsworth and Barnet are not the only two boroughs to show a lack of generosity, Westminster and Greenwich are also on the list.

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The average tip paid to drivers is 10% or EUR 3,50.

The analysis also found that the average tip paid to drivers was 10% or EUR 3,50, and that passengers were most likely to leave a tip in the evening between 19.00pm and midnight. Research also shows that late night revelers are the least likely to tip, with the worst hours for tipping between midnight and 05.00am.

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Transport for London (TfL) found that the number of licensed taxis in the capital has fallen by a quarter since 2020. Particularly at play is the shift to hybrid working (working from home) by Londoners, which has significantly reduced the number of bookings. But while London is still the global icon, it is becoming increasingly difficult to make a living behind the wheel of such a taxi.

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