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Taxi drivers demand all kinds of things that a normal self-respecting company should grant its employees.

The fact that Uber does not respond to protests is part of the policy. You can also not expect the Uber head of Europe, Maurits Schönfeld, to speak to angry activists. Drivers tried to hand over the package of requirements to the management, but that was it. Trade union FNV organized the action that started on the NDSM site and ended in front of Uber's head office on Mr. Treublaan in East.

Amrit Sewgobind, director FNV Platformwerk: 'The size is really full for the drivers, they are underpaid, Uber does not comply with judges' rulings and drivers are blocked all the time. And if drivers want to discuss this with the management, Uber will not come up with anything concrete.'

A live connection was also established with a simultaneous action in England, where there is also a demand for better working conditions. According to the union, the Uber management does not want to talk to the drivers. Still, everything indicates that Uber will eventually lose out and have to give the drivers what they are entitled to according to the law and collective labor agreement.

About a hundred angry Uber drivers demand a higher salary at the headquarters of the American taxi app in Amsterdam.

The case in itself is not new. FNV has been fighting Uber for years, because it does not treat drivers as true self-employed people, but also does not employ and pay the collective labor agreement wages. It appeal that case is still pending and so Uber does not have to comply with the ruling yet. Much to the dismay of some of the taxi drivers who were even masked. The police summoned the FNV to act and to keep the taxi drivers away from the head office.

Uber responds in a press release that drivers have started to earn 35 percent more in the past year and that 94 percent of their drivers do not want to be employed. However, the FNV believes that Uber should act as a good employer. The union also wants drivers to stop being kicked off the app

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