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GO Sharing informs its customers that it is an important update, but the green scooters are being collected en masse.

The shared scooters have been collected en masse for days and collected in the workshops of the bankrupt GreenMo. The location on the Henri Wijnmalenweg in Eindhoven is full of collected scooters owned by the bankrupt GreenMo. It is now up to the curator to decide what to do with it. Go Sharing has put the cities they have now left into a complete hibernation. 


Go Sharing's green scooters are leased from GreenMo, of which the bankruptcy was pronounced. Go Sharing informs its customers that this is an important update, but the trustee may demand that the shared vehicles are not in use and removed from the street while they are still leased from GreenMo. The trustee's job is to manage and guard the assets (goods) of the bankrupt company and sell them to pay the creditors. The aim is to realize as much value as possible from these assets for the benefit of creditors. The trustee must act with due care and must comply with the rules and laws that apply to bankruptcy cases.


If you have taken one or more trips in 2022 in one of the cities that Go Sharing has closed, you are eligible for a refund. This only applies if your credit would not have expired in November 2022. Under the circumstances at the time, this would be possible until December 14, 2023. Customers can request a refund of their credit via a refund form on the site. The question now is whether the customers' assets have been secured and Go Sharing will ever come out of hibernation?

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Go Sharing informs its customers that it is an important update, but the scooters are being collected en masse.

The main supplier for home delivery companies GreenMo Services BV has been declared bankrupt. The company from Waardenburg is also a partner of the e-scooter sharing service GO Sharing. The exact reason for the bankruptcy has not been disclosed. GreenMo raised a considerable amount relatively recently, but due to the (downward) market movements that has not proved to be enough, the trustees write in a statement. 

In its own words, the company was the market leader in the rental of electric vehicles, including to Domino's Pizza and the police, and was one of the largest providers of electric lease vehicles for the business market. Doeke Boersma and Donny Van den Oever have GreenMo expanded since 2014 into one of the largest suppliers of electric lease vehicles for the business market. 

Founded in 2013, GreenMo is best known for its electric bicycles for Thuisbezorgd couriers and its founder of the sharing scooter platform Go Sharing, which has been storming the consumer market since 2019 with electric vehicles in many cities. The company's activities will be continued for the time being and the curators Marc Udink and Bas Ebels have started an investigation into the possibilities for a restart. Staff were briefed on the situation last Wednesday.

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The location on the Henri Wijnmalenweg in Eindhoven is full of collected scooters owned by the bankrupt GreenMo.

GreenMo was constantly on the takeover path, both at home and abroad. Doeke Boersma once said about his strategy: “A year without acquisitions is a year wasted”. An acquisition offered the opportunity to find a good team that is service-oriented and has knowledge of local laws, regulations and culture. However, things turned out differently, the demand for shared scooters and bicycles has decreased due to the pandemic, and the water is on the lips of some companies.

The shared scooter market is in a state of constant change. Companies that are successful today can fail if they are unable to adapt to changing market conditions. In May 2021, the GreenMo Group named the main supplier Helmstadt about. The expansion of GreenMo Group thus strengthened the company's Dutch market position both in the North Holland region and with Helmstadt's customers, such as the municipalities of Amsterdam and Utrecht, the National Police and PostNL.

GO Sharing

There has also been a lot of fuss about the company with the green shared scooters in recent months. GO Sharing shared scooters abruptly disappeared in many cities and customers could according to the consumer program Radar whistling for their money. The provider of the handy green shared scooters left from many cities and left consumers with expiring packages. Since January 1 the helmet duty for scooters and moped riders has come into effect, users of shared scooters are more often opting for electric bicycles. It forces providers such as Go Sharing and Felyx to make significant adjustments to their business operations.

Greenmo Services BV in Waardenburg (Gelderland) was declared bankrupt on appeal by the court in The Hague. Mr. ES Ebels has been appointed as curator. The insolvency number of this case is F.09/23/20.

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