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The new logo will be affixed to all Eurostar and Thalys trains in the coming months.

In Brussels, Eurostar top woman Gwendoline Cazenave presented the first trains with the new Eurostar logo, the Thalys brand name disappears from the market. It is the next step in the merger that Eurostar and Thalys announced in 2019. The Eurostar Group aims to transport 30 million passengers annually by the end of this decade.

The star in the logo is inspired by the 'Etoile du Nord', the original train service that connected Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam, and is a tribute to the first Eurostar logo. Nevertheless, according to Cazenave, Eurostar is still plagued by capacity problems at a number of major stations such as London St Pancras and Amsterdam. This has to do with bottlenecks at the border police to check passports quickly enough. That is why some trains leave the stations half full.

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The star in the logo is inspired by the 'Etoile du Nord'.

“We are not yet where we need to be due to the capacity problems in the terminals.”

Former SNCF top woman Gwendoline Cazenave took over as CEO from Jacques Damas in October last year. He has headed Eurostar since October 2020, which was renamed Eurostar Group in May 2020 in view of the merger with Thalys. Former Thalys CEO Bertrand Gosselin left his position, as both companies would merge in the course of that year.

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photo: Pitane Blue - Gwendoline Cazenave

The Eurostar Group aims to transport around 2030 million rail passengers by 30. That is twice as many as in 2022. The Eurostar Group is the merger umbrella above Eurostar and Thalys.

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Photo: Pitane Blue - Eurostar
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