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The transport company Van Gerwen Groep, originally from Zeeland, is taking over Cibatax in Eindhoven, which has recently been declared bankrupt.

After the bankruptcy of Hendriks Taxi Services, taxi company Cibatax from Eindhoven was ready for a possible restart. René Hendriks took over the Eindhoven taxi company in 2019, but his company was also declared bankrupt by the court of Den Bosch. Started as a street taxi company with a few vehicles, Cibatax has now grown into a well-known name in Eindhoven.

The reason for the bankruptcy can be summarized briefly and plays across the entire sector. The number of journeys has decreased, fuel prices have risen enormously, and there is a significant shortage of personnel. In addition, the margins in the industry have been far too small for years. And let's not forget, repaying the government support that has been granted in recent years is a huge task for many companies. At the time of the bankruptcy, 62 people were employed.

Photo: Hendriks Taxi Services

Formally, Hendriks Taxidiensten BV, located at Turijnstraat 18 in Eindhoven, was declared bankrupt by the court in East Brabant on 2023 January 22. Hendriks Vervoer Services BV took over the activities in October 2019 from the then bankruptcy of Cibatax. Due to the corona pandemic in March 2020, the taxi company's turnover unexpectedly fell by approximately 87%, according to the driver. 


The bankrupt then appealed to the NOW scheme and the options for deferral at the Tax and Customs Administration. In the years that followed, turnover picked up again, but according to the director, it has not returned to the old level before the corona pandemic. In addition, costs increased in 2021 and 2022 due to the rise in diesel prices and the energy crisis. 

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In addition, according to the director, there was a shortage of personnel, with the result that the bankrupt had problems meeting all demand and turnover could not be achieved. At that time, the bankrupt was also confronted with substantial (re)payment obligations as a result of relying on the NOW scheme and the deferral scheme at the Tax and Customs Administration. 

In combination with the falling turnover and the rising costs, the bankrupt ultimately decided that continuing the business in the given circumstances would mean that the obligations could no longer be met. Thus, in January 2023, the director decided to file for bankruptcy. After the bankruptcy, Cibatax from Eindhoven continued to drive with a view to a possible takeover.

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The activities consisted of 50% street transport and 50% contract transport.

The trustee has spoken with several candidates and received several offers. The trustee has negotiated further with the highest bidder about the relaunch and eventually, with the permission of the supervisory judge, agreement was reached on a transfer of the assets and activities to Van Gerwen Groep BV for an amount of € 36.000. An amount made up of goodwill and a small part of stock of diesel.


The company, founded in 1972 by the Taxi companies Citax and Batax, is a well-known player in the market and, despite the third bankruptcy, is not ready for the first restart. The Eindhoven company will be taken over on 1 February by Taxibrainport, a subsidiary of the Van Gerwen Group from Eindhoven and Zeeland.

The Van Gerwen family business started in April 1964 with one teaching car at the Zevenhuis in the Brabant town of Zeeland. There the foundation was laid for this thriving company. As a result of the takeover, the Van Gerwen Group now has more than 160 taxis. On behalf of various municipalities, Van Gerwen transports with the utmost care Pupils who have to go to a special school. For the target groups of seated patient transport and wheelchair transport, Van Gerwen works together with the franchise organization De Vier Gewesten.

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