Uber is surprised by this decision. No surprise, but a logical application of jurisprudence according to Stéphane Teyssier.

The Lyon Labor Court sentenced the American platform company Uber to pay almost 17 million euros to 139 taxi drivers. According to lawyer Stéphane Teyssier, a fairly historic decision was made last Friday. Uber has been ordered to re-qualify the contracts of 139 drivers.

By 2020, 139 Lyon drivers had taken legal action to have the contract that tied them to Uber reclassified as an employment contract. The court that made the decision ruled on the basis of established case law of the Court of Cassation of January 2020. The Court of Cassation ruled that Uber drivers should be regarded as employees. According to Teyssier. it is not a surprise, but a logical application of jurisprudence.

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As we have seen before, the American company has once again announced that it will appeal against the decision. Since the Court of Cassation ruling that requalifies a driver as an employee in March 2020, requests for driver requalification as an employee have been unsuccessful in more than 65% of cases, according to Uber.

Uber is surprised by this decision, which is a logical continuation of all decisions that have taken place in Europe. The status of the self-employed, on which platforms such as Uber or Deliveroo base their model, is being questioned in more and more European countries.

The company Uber has also existed for 10 years in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, for many Uber drivers who do their job with passion, that's no reason to celebrate. According to the trade union FNV, Uber is making this increasingly difficult for drivers and they have almost nothing left of a fare because it costs too much. The money they have left is not enough to live on. 

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In the judgment, the court referred to a ruling by the French Court of Cassation from 2020, which ruled that Uber drivers should be regarded as employees.

The Court of Cassation ruled that Uber drivers should be considered employees.
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