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Who doesn't remember their first 'big' bike to take to school?

Getting a new bicycle is often a special event for children that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. BikeFlip is a circular social enterprise that transforms used bicycles into high-quality bicycles through upcycling. Als is a recognized training company that actively helps people to reintegrate into a paid job in the bicycle trade. Bicycles are repaired and refurbished under the supervision of a skilled teacher.

A circular social enterprise is one that has both a circular business model and a social purpose. This means that BikeFlip not only focuses on extending the life of bicycles and reducing waste, but also on improving people's living conditions. A circular social enterprise creates jobs for people who find it difficult to find work, for example because they have a disability or because they have been unemployed.


A circular bicycle trade is a business model in which used bicycles are bought, repaired and then sold again. This extends the life of the bicycles and reduces the amount of waste. These types of business models are often seen as a way to achieve a more sustainable society. Also, 'circular thinking' and the 'circular economy' are often seen as a way to build a more sustainable and future-proof society.

"I signed up online and the next day I already had a bike at home. It turned out to be a bit too big so I flipped it right away."

BikeFlip are not only very handy, they are also flexible. The subscription can be canceled every month and costs only five euros per month for our smallest bicycles, 8,50 euros for the medium sizes and 12,50 euros for larger children's bicycles. For that amount you are assured to always have a suitable, well-functioning children's bicycle. They come and exchange the bike if it no longer fits, and if something is broken, they fix it.

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Getting a new bicycle is often a special event for children that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

BikeFlip has a sustainable children's bicycle subscription that means that when a child has outgrown the bicycle, it can exchange it for a size larger. The subscription includes minor repairs (at home). For adults there is the Bicycle Deal from the municipality of Utrecht. Residents living in poverty and in possession of a U-pass can buy a bicycle for €30. Children in poverty can purchase a bicycle for a similar amount through Stichting Leergeld at Bike Flip.

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