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The reason for this restart is the contribution of 40 million euros from the government to widening the bridge.

The councils of the Provincial Executive (GS) of Gelderland and Utrecht are once again continuing with the Rhenen Rhine Bridge Widening project. The reason for this restart is the contribution of 40 million euros from the government to widening the bridge. GS van Gelderland propose to the Provincial Council (PS) to decide to continue with the project.


With the contribution from the government, the requested additional investment from Gelderland and Utrecht for widening the Rhine bridge is still 10,5 million euros per province. GS van Gelderland has found investment space for this by reserving money in the budget for several years. The Provincial Council of Utrecht had previously made the necessary extra credit available for the expansion.

Junction N233 and N225 in Rhenen

Should bottlenecks arise north of the bridge in the future after the Rhine bridge has been widened, the province of Utrecht look at appropriate measures. To this end, Utrecht is including the intersection of the two provincial roads N225 and N233 in Rhenen in the study projects in their multi-year mobility investment plan.

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“Thanks to the 40 million from the government, our deficit has become considerably smaller. And by reserving the remaining 10,5 million in the budget, the signals are green as far as we are concerned. We therefore propose to our States to continue again”.

“Now that, in addition to the national government, the province of Gelderland is contributing the remaining amount, the broadening is really coming into view again. Together we will do everything we can to improve this important link in the region.”

Cost increase

To solve the accessibility and quality of life problems on and around the Rhine bridge Rhenen (N233), the Rhine bridge must be widened. In 2021 it became clear that instead of the 80 million euros already made available by both provinces, the costs increased. The province of Gelderland had no room for investment for this. According to the provinces and regions, widening the Rhine bridge is one of the important conditions for being able to carry out the housing construction task. More than 50.000 new homes are being built in the Foodvalley Region and the Rivierenland Region.

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