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What Plusburg Doesburg did manage to do is more difficult for other volunteer organizations.

Thanks to a substantial municipal subsidy of 50.000 euros, people can also continue to drive the Plusbus in Doesburg. Volunteers transport people who have difficulty walking or are short on cash with a ride for a visit to the hairdresser, family or doctor. The municipality of Doesburg is very happy with the initiative, although the annual subsidy was reduced last year. The Foundation for Adaptive Transport Doesburg en Omstreken has no remuneration policy because all board members and volunteers work on a voluntary basis and they do not receive any remuneration for their work.

Volunteer organizations such as the Plusbus Doesburg have had a hard time surviving lately, partly in view of the increased costs. In general, voluntary organizations can survive in mobility. While it can sometimes be difficult to raise enough funds and volunteers to keep the organization afloat, it is possible to survive and even grow if they are willing to work hard and make smart decisions.

This can be done, for example, by asking for donations from local businesses and individuals, or by applying for subsidies from the government or other organizations. What Plusburg Doesburg did manage to do is more difficult for other volunteer organizations. It is important to keep innovating and looking for new ways to grow the organization. This can be done, for example, by offering new services or programs, or by collaborating with other organizations to set up new projects.


One of the biggest challenges many mobility volunteer organizations can face is finding and retaining volunteers. That also requires guiding and training people every time. Plusbus Doesburg has been using smart software systems at the exchange for years Pitane Mobility which automatically provides the drivers with the journey orders as much as possible. The Plusbus Doesburg volunteers do this by using a Pitane Driver App on their Android or iOS phone.

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In general, voluntary organizations can survive in mobility.

The Plusbus in Doesburg was created more than 30 years ago from an initiative of the Elderly Council and the Disability Council. For a few euros they are delivered door to door in the Hanseatic town or within a radius of 15 kilometers around Doesburg. A companion can then ride for free on the buses of the volunteer organization, which are all equipped with wheelchair lifts. Driving is from Monday to Friday from 08.30:18.00 to 09.00:18.00. On Saturdays, the Plusbus runs from XNUMX:XNUMX to XNUMX:XNUMX. Evening rides on Monday to Saturday take place in consultation and are only possible in the presence of a driver. The Plusbus does not run on Sundays and public holidays.

Are you responsible for mobility at a volunteer organization? Then take a look at the website Pitane Mobility for possibilities in automating many transport processes. Pitane BV in Eindhoven can help volunteer organizations to take care of that part with smart software at minimal cost.

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