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The registration tax for a Dodge Ram, for example, goes from 0 to more than 11.000 euros.

From January, owners of newly registered pick-ups will no longer be able to make use of the tax preferential arrangement. Pickup trucks, also known as pickup trucks, are a type of vehicle used for transporting loads and materials. They are often four-wheel drive and have an open cargo bed in the back.

Pickups are popular with construction companies, farmers and other businesses that need to move a lot of material. They are also popular with private individuals because of their large payload and off-road capabilities. The registration tax for a Dodge Ram, for example, goes from 0 to more than 11.000 euros. The annual road tax will be 3.982 euros instead of the current 208,2 euros.

"It can no longer be justified that these heavy vehicles pay less road tax than a small city car"

More than half of the pick-ups are used for private purposes and the Minister wants to limit this improper use. The pick-ups that are used professionally will also still remain tax-exempt. This will be checked by means of the enterprise number, also known as an enterprise number. This is a unique identification number assigned to a company or organization by the National Bank of Belgium. It is an important piece of information for companies doing business in Belgium.

Pickup trucks are cars with an open back bed. They originated in the United States and were initially used mainly by farmers and construction workers to transport their materials and tools. Today, pickup trucks are also used as passenger cars and are popular in various countries around the world. They are mainly produced by American and Japanese car manufacturers.

The pick-ups registered from 1 January 2023 will be taxed as normal cars. This applies to both new cars and the second-hand market. So nothing changes for the current owners of pick-ups.

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