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The scheme will start from January 2023 and will run until the summer holidays.

Rotterdam gives parents who opt out of Trevvel's student transport money to arrange transport themselves. Parents of children who live more than 13 kilometers from the school receive an allowance of 38 cents per kilometre. According to Trevvel, the problems with student transport that started before the summer were caused by the shortage of drivers, but Alderman Ronald Buijt (Leefbaar Rotterdam) thinks there is more to it.

The municipality of Rotterdam wants to offer people who can arrange this and who can take their child to school themselves, a compensation of EUR 5 per trip. This is also possible if several people live in a neighborhood and can jointly arrange transport. Then the offer is extra attractive, according to the alderman. According to Buijt, parents may be able to agree at work that they come an hour later and take their child to school first.

"I'm working on a proposal for people where it has happened several times that at some point there comes a point where we as a municipality say: now it's done, now you're just going to get the right to do that at the time itself. arrange for."

Such measures should reduce the pressure on transport and may make it attractive for a number of people to arrange it themselves. Obviously this does not apply to everyone, because otherwise they would have done this a long time ago. The council asked for other measures and the intention was that people whose van does not come can arrange alternative transport themselves through another taxi company. Buijt's proposed scheme does not include this scheme.

The alderman hopes that this will not apply to very many people and indicates that they will discuss this with their customer (Trevvel) how they will settle it. “Of course, as Rotterdam, we are not going to pay for that,” concludes Buijt. After the Christmas holidays, the alderman hopes to be able to tell more about the travel expenses scheme, he left the regional public broadcaster  The Rijnmond know.

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