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The market has not yet developed far enough for electric passenger vans, so they will be diesels.

The police are launching a tender for the basic police vehicle, both the passenger vehicle and the passenger bus. The preparations for this tender have been completed and the lots for fossil fuel vehicles have now been published on the platform Mercell, the most commonly used alternative to TenderNed. What is special is that electric vehicles are also being put out to tender for the first time. This tender is expected to be published in mid-2023.

The new vehicles will be included in the fleet from 1 January 2025. A tender process will first follow and the police will make a ranking of the vehicles offered on the basis of the award criteria. The suppliers who can supply the best vehicles on the basis of this ranking are (provisionally) awarded the contract.

"Electric cars have already been tested in a number of units. The police are opting for electric driving to limit greenhouse gas emissions. The part that still has a fossil combustion engine will become petrol or mild hybrid. To limit the risk of delivery problems , we opt for the passenger vehicles to contract two brands. The market has not yet developed far enough for electric passenger vans, so they will be diesels. We will keep the option open for electric vans."

Police employees who need the vehicle in their work are closely involved in this tender. For example, they helped draw up the Schedule of Requirements. It contains the properties that the vehicle must meet. At a later stage, driving tests – by police officers who will soon be using the car – will play an important role.

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The tender process has several steps, below is an overview of the planning per phase in the European tender for basic fossil fuel police vehicles. The European tender for zero-emission passenger vehicles for basic police services is expected to be published in mid-2023.


The Dutch police currently use different cars of different brands. For example, there is the Mercedes-Benz B-Class. It concerns the 220D meter, a 177 hp four-cylinder. This diesel will therefore in any case be replaced by an electric car or a petrol variant. The current police van is a Mercedes-Benz Vito 116 CDI Tourer Lang with a 163 hp four-cylinder. The passenger van is mainly used by the police in towns and villages and is not really fast either. The police also have fast undercover cars and also use the Audi A6 with 3,0 liter diesel engine, the fastest in the fleet.

Mercedes B-Class Police OBT Rotterdam - photo: Pitane Blue
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