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From now on, travelers in Amsterdam and the surrounding area can also check in and out with a contactless debit card or credit card.

In addition to an OV chip card, travelers can also check in and out in Amsterdam and the surrounding area with a contactless debit card or credit card – also on a mobile. This has made traveling with GVB buses, trams and metros and EBS buses in the Amsterdam region even easier. Earlier, Transdev/Connexxion introduced this form of payment in bus transport in the other parts of the province of North Holland.

Paying in public transport will change. The public transport chip card will have a successor, the public transport pass, and new forms of payment will be added. Travelers will soon be able to decide for themselves how they want to pay. As a result, traveling by public transport is becoming smarter and easier. These new forms of payment are being introduced by the joint public transport companies and Translink under the umbrella name OVpay. Checking in and out with a debit or credit card is one of those new forms of payment. This is possible in more and more regions. 

be careful

Traveling with a debit card works very easily and exactly the same as the public transport chip card. You check in with your debit card (plastic or mobile) in front of the card reader, and you also check out with the same debit card. Please note that the card must be removed from the wallet or card holder to ensure that check-in and check-out is done with the same card.

Travelers can check in and out with a contactless debit card from ABN AMRO, ASN Bank, bunq, ING, Rabobank, RegioBank, or SNS - a contactless credit card from Mastercard or Visa (issued by ICS) - any foreign contactless debit or credit card from Maestro, VPAY, Mastercard and Visa - a smartphone that is linked for contactless payment to one of the above debit cards and credit cards and the existing OV chip card and barcode.

see what you pay 

The price for the trip is the same as traveling with an OV chip card without a discount or season ticket. In the course of 2023 it will also be possible to travel with your debit card at a reduced rate (e.g. age discount). At the moment, traveling with a debit card is still at full rate. Travelers can check their travel details in the OVpay app or by entering the code on that is stated in the payment overview with the description NLOV. GVB travelers can also download the GVB app to view their journeys with GVB.

new technology

The start of travel on the debit card at GVB and EBS together with bus, tram and metro means that this is the largest transition to the new technology to date and all in all brings a lot of change for travelers and staff. Inge Keur, Sales & Service Manager at GVB: 'The new technology has been extensively tested, but it has a challenging learning curve that can only take place in practice. That is why we keep a close eye on all developments regarding traveling with the debit card.'

Checking in and out with your contactless debit or credit card is part of the national innovation programme OVpay in which public transport companies, Translink, the public transport authorities and banks work together. The new payment methods in public transport will be introduced in phases in the period 2021-2024. Ease of use and reliability are paramount at OVpay.

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