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Today, 69 of the 53 Brussels metro and pre-metro stations are fully equipped with lifts.

This month, new lifts will be taken into use in the Anneessens and Hallepoort stations and blind guide tiles will be installed. A good opportunity to take stock of the status of the renovation of the metro stations and the improvement of their accessibility, including in the Park metro station. Today, 69 of the 53 Brussels metro and pre-metro stations are fully equipped with lifts.

"It is a priority for us to make the entire STIB network fully accessible to everyone. That is why we are working diligently on the transformation of all our (pre)metro stations. I am pleased that this year we will have two new stations again, Anneessens and Porte de Hal, accessible to less mobile and visually impaired people. This is also useful for all other travellers, including parents with a pram or seniors."

The latest achievements are the commissioning of the lift that connects the roadway with the mezzanine floor in Anneessens and the installation of guide tiles for the blind in Porte de Hal, after four lifts and access ramps were installed at platform level at the beginning of this year. Six other stations are currently working on improving accessibility: Albert, Horta, Jacques Brel, Madou, Park and Simonis.​

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Park Metro Station

"Our accessibility program is being continued continuously, with results. Most of the network is now equipped with lifts and works or studies are being carried out for the last, most complex stations. At the same time, new guidelines for the design of (pre)metro stations ensure that that we are using new equipment, in particular the guidance facilities, starting with stations that are currently under construction or that have recently been renovated (Alma, Beurs-Grote Markt, Jacques Brel, Kunst-Loi)".

At the Simonis multimodal interchange, six additional lifts will complete the existing equipment by 2024. The second phase of the work at Park station is also starting. In the first phase, a first lift was installed for the connection between the ground level and level -1. In the new phase, three additional lifts will connect the three levels of the station (the corridors of the two-level mezzanine and the platforms). This work will be completed in 2025.

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By 2025, the works to make the last stations accessible will be started. In addition, two city lifts were also placed in the public space. One connects Chaussée de Etterbeek with Rue de la Loi and was inaugurated in February 2022, the second, in the new BNP-Paribas-Fortis building, connects Rue Baron Horta with Rue de la Loi and will be inaugurated by the end of the year, according to Brussels Mobility.

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