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Atilay Uslu fears that capacity will still have to be cut at Schiphol during the May holidays and the summer due to the security shortage.

Tour operator Corendon intervenes again at home base Schiphol. The chaos and the higher costs of Schiphol ensure that the holiday giant's own airline will be much larger in Brussels next season. In Belgium, Corendon will almost double to 260.000 seats next season, while the capacity at Schiphol will decrease to 230.000. 

Schiphol is struggling with major staff shortages, which means that growth for the airlines is no longer possible. Holidays are currently being booked en masse and the only way to accommodate the growth is to move to other airports in Belgium and Germany. From spring 2023, four Corendon Airlines aircraft will be stationed at Brussels Airport.

“This is mainly due to the chaos at Schiphol,” said CEO Atilay Uslu to the Telegraph. He fears that capacity will still have to be cut at Schiphol during the May holidays and summer due to the shortage of security guards and other personnel problems, such as at the Marechaussee. “We can offer people a certain holiday in Brussels.”

Moreover, flying from Belgium is cheaper, because the rates at Schiphol have risen here and the flight tax has tripled. It is remarkable that the CEO of Corendon praises Brussels as a cheap destination. The CEO of Ryanair has recently greatly reduced the capacity from Brussels, precisely because, according to him, Brussels Airport is much too expensive. In the Netherlands passengers 26 euros extra taxes. In Belgium, the flight tax, depending on the destination, is between 2 and 10 euros.

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Due to Schiphol's policy, the airport has fallen out of favor with many travelers and companies. Claims from travel organizations and airlines are the order of the day. The relationship between Schiphol and the travel industry is in a difficult situation. According to director Frank Oostdam of the ANVR a claim for the total damage including loss of turnover is not realistic. The umbrella organization ANVR is based on the demonstrable damage suffered by the companies. That amount is in the hundreds of millions of euros.

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