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The well-known smart is a thing of the past. smart starts a new era with the smart #1.

From March 2023 it will be in the Netherlands, the ideal electric SUV for the city, aimed at the future. This Smart #1 was created through a collaboration between the Chinese Geely and Mercedes-Benz. Smart sales advisor Romy Remijnse will be happy to surprise you with the range, front and rear wheel drive, lots of space and a lot of functions.

The innovative model is not only larger, but also fully electric. The smart #1 has a range of 440 kilometers: more than enough to move smoothly through the city and beyond. The smart #1 has made great strides forward, both on the inside and the outside. The striking and refreshing design features elements of Mercedes-Benz in terms of workmanship and material quality. 

In addition to the Premium, Pro+ and Launch Edition, smart also introduces the smart #1 BRABUS. The BRABUS version is four-wheel drive and has two electric motors. This version has no less than 428 hp and 543 Nm, allowing the #1 BRABUS to sprint to 3,9 km / h in just 100 seconds. smart and BRABUS are taking their collaboration to a higher level.

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Smart has reinvented itself and comes with an electric SUV.

With every smart #1 version you can choose from your own color combination. You also have the option to visualize online what each model looks like depending on your preferences. A great way to see your chosen design come to life inside and out. Your car is supported by software using a seamless digital ecosystem designed to make you feel comfortable, safe and happy.

smart Automobile Co., Ltd. was founded in 2019 and combines the greatest strengths of both shareholders by bringing the best of both worlds: the design of the next generation of smart vehicles will come from the global Mercedes-Benz design network, while R&D will be carried out by smart in China. In addition, smart leverages the Geely Group's China-based manufacturing and supply network.

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