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FNV: Employers refuse a good CAO. Strikes continue!

Employers gave the unions until noon on Tuesday 29 November to respond. KNV assumed that the unions would present the final offer to their supporters. Yet the trade union FNV does not need that much time to reject the final offer.

As far as FNV is concerned, the collective bargaining about a new collective labor agreement for care transport and taxi, which was resumed last Monday after a national strike on Friday, has failed. Members of FNV in the sector have subsequently decided to continue the strike. On Wednesday 30 November there will be a strike for 24 hours.

Meindert Gorter, director FNV Zorgtransport and taxi: 'In this sector, with many vulnerable passengers, we choose to announce the strike well in time. Then everyone has enough time to prepare for it. The drivers prefer not to go on strike, the fact that they do it says something about the necessity.'

In any case, on Wednesday there will be a strike at the three largest taxi companies Connexxion, Munckhof and Noot, and various other companies from all over the country will join them. Gorter: 'We hope that employers will take the opportunity to come up with an improvement on continued payment during illness and with better checks on the wage calculation before Wednesday.'

In fact, the new offer only got worse. While the requirements of the drivers are quite normal.

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Employers invited the unions on Friday to discuss the new collective labor agreement again. “We went into that with hope. Yesterday, however, was very disappointing. In fact, the new offer only got worse. While the requirements of the drivers are quite normal. They want a wage with which they can pay groceries and bills, controllable schedules and working hours and they want to be paid 100% if they are sick and no more waiting days,' says Gorter.

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According to FNV, employers offer small improvements on a number of points. But on other points they even come with deteriorations. Below is an overview of what is currently on the table. FNV indicates that it is not for nothing that they negotiated for six months and stopped for a day. What is here is absolutely not enough. Now is the time to press ahead and step up the pressure on employers.

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