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Russia's invasion of Ukraine has now lasted almost nine months.

Rail links with Kiev have been restored and trains are running again for the first time in eight months to the recently recaptured city of Kherson. The first passenger train from Kiev to the recently liberated city of Kherson arrived on Saturday to cheers and applause.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry reported on Friday night that Kherson railway station was the first building to have power restored. The 'victory train', as it has been called, was painted over in bright colors by graffiti artists. The intention is to restart the timetable between the two major Ukrainian cities of Kiev and Kherson.

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The train to victory brings Ukrainians back to liberated Kherson.
Hundreds of people cheered as the train arrived and embraced their returning loved ones.

After more than eight months of war, Ukrainians were able to return by train and were welcomed by family and friends with flowers and flags. There were about XNUMX passengers on the train. Friends and relatives could embrace each other again. 

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has now lasted nearly nine months. Nearly a third of Ukraine's territory is riddled with mines, according to Ukrainian authorities. The emergency services are busy demining an area of ​​8000 m2 in the liberated parts of Kherson and Mykolaiv. According to Ukraine, at least 437 Ukrainian children have been killed as a result of the Russian invasion that began in late February. More than XNUMX children were injured.

Beautiful scenes of joy from Kherson.
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