However, this departure is not in line with the long-term vision of using shared mobility as a reliable and affordable form of mobility.

In the coming weeks, the company will indicate the consequences of the decision per service area, but as it looks now, Go Sharing's shared scooters will disappear from many municipalities. However, they give in the press release shows that shared mobility plays an important role in the mobility transition for making cities and regions more liveable.

cost-effective system

The regional and multimodal approach of GO Sharing ensures that they can offer a mobility alternative to the car and are a good addition to public transport. The company indicates that they are not yet able to do this in a profitable way everywhere, and explain the consequences of this. In their three-year existence, they have quickly scaled up with the aim of maximizing the benefits of shared transport. 

The focus is on supporting the door-to-door journey with partial transport to prevent the wasteful possession of a vehicle, which is not used most of the time. In the current economic climate, in which there is a lot of uncertainty in the market, investors are reluctant to invest in sub-companies.

That is why they have decided to focus first on making the system profitable. In doing so, they will take a step back and temporarily withdraw from a number of cities. The cause of the departure is still too little use of the vehicles. In addition, it is difficult and expensive to service the more remote areas.

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temporary stop

However, this departure is not in line with the long-term vision of using shared mobility as a reliable and affordable form of mobility. Their ambition is to be available everywhere, always and for everyone. They see this as only a temporary stop and also offers them the opportunity to prepare the electric mopeds for helmet use.

By focusing on the areas where use is good, they want to create a stable basis for shared transport and further promote quality. Parallel to this process, they are holding talks and doing research to see what it takes to deploy partial transport at locations that are currently unprofitable.

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They therefore see the departure in many municipalities as only a temporary stop.

GO Sharing wants to make 100% electric shared transport accessible for everyone from door to door. This puts them at the helm of the transition from traditional transport to more environmentally friendly and compact shared transport. From ownership to use, only when you need it. With GO Sharing, everyone can contribute to a greener and more livable future.

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