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Auctioneer Bolweg expects that both the Banjer and the other boats will attract good interest.

From today it is possible to bid on a real yard ship. The Nautilus, a shipyard built Banjer 37, has been donated to the KNRM to financially support its work. Bootveiling has offered to auction this so-called donation ship, after which the proceeds will benefit the KNRM. This is completely in line with the wishes of the donor. The ship can be viewed at the rescue post in Den Helder.

In order to achieve a large international reach, this boat will participate in the October auction of Bootveiling, in which, in addition to sailing boats and motor boats, an original new lifeboat from the Harding brand is also in the auction. A lifeboat that does not come from the KNRM by the way. 

"The KNRM is completely dependent on donations. The voluntary rescuers are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and under all (weather) conditions for people in need. By participating in the auction, the buyer directly supports the good work of the KNRM because the entire proceeds benefit the KNRM. knows better than anyone the importance of the Rescuers of the Sea and that is why we take care of this auction selflessly."

After the renewed interest in water sports in times of corona, Bootveiling still sees an increased interest in water sports and the purchase of its own ship. By buying at the auction you buy a nice boat quickly and for a market price. Auctioneer Bolweg expects that both the Banjer and the other boats will attract good interest. 

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Because the boats are very specific, it is advised to come to the viewing day. That is always nice and your buyers get a good view of the boat and the state of maintenance. Saturday 29 October there will be a viewing day in Den Helder from 10 a.m. to 12 noon and for the other boats throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Greece. 

The auction is 'as is where is', so the boats are auctioned in the condition they are in. The buyer will have to take care of the collection after award. Registration is required on the website of

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