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More and more electric drivers are also heading for France.

France is and remains one of the most popular holiday destinations. The motorway network in France is less dense than in Germany or the Benelux because fairly large parts of France are sparsely populated. As a result, there are 4 north-south connections; the A10, A20, A71-A75 and A6-A7.


The toll roads in France often look well maintained. Picnic tables have been placed in parking lots and sometimes there are playgrounds. In France, road users do not pay road tax, which is why a toll is levied. If you drive from Belgium or the Netherlands to the south, you can quickly count on a fee of 80 to even 120 euros for the entire route. In addition, the costs also differ per class of vehicle you travel with. Who with a passenger car completes the 'Road of Soleil' (Paris-Marseille) will pay approximately €60.

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Access to the toll road at Charles de Gaulle Airport

black saturdays

The most famous busy route in France is the Autoroute du Soleil. Especially on busy weekends you can count on hours in traffic jams. As far as is known, it will be very busy in 2022 on the black Saturdays, July 30 and August 6. On those Saturdays there are usually hundreds of kilometers of traffic jams. It is therefore recommended not to travel through France. The best days to travel in the summer period are often Thursday and Sunday.
quatorze juillet
The French National Day, le quatorze juillet, commemorates the beginning of the French Revolution with the storming of the Bastille on 14 July 1789. Everywhere in France this is commemorated and celebrated on 14 July. Because of that national holiday, on Thursday 14 July in France a driving ban set for vehicles and vehicle combinations with a maximum permissible gross weight of more than 7,5 tons. This ban will come into effect on Wednesday, July 13 at 22.00 PM and will end on Thursday, July 14 at 22.00 PM.
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electric driver

More and more electric drivers are also heading for France. In recent years, the French charging network has expanded considerably. However, in some places in France you have to keep a close eye on your remaining range.

Fortunately, the electric driver in France is no longer solely dependent on the Corri-Door network. The French charging network has improved significantly since 2020. Providers such as Ionity, Allego and Fastned have realized various fast charging stations there and are also continuing to expand their French charging network. You can at least go to those stations for a quick charge.

charging desert

ANWB warns for the 'French loading desert'. However, there is an area in France where normal charging stations are also scarce. This is also known as the French loading desert. Especially in Burgundy and Auvergne, the supply lags behind and there is sometimes simply no charging station in the area. This can be difficult, especially for owners of electric cars with a small battery pack.

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