Greenwheels' shared cars will be replaced at an accelerated pace by electric models over the next 36 months. To ensure that the Dutch car-sharing company operates completely CO2025-neutral by 2, the fleet in the Netherlands will be electrified. Greenwheels is also expanding further, including cars from the fully electric Volkswagen ID. Family.

The Greenwheels fleet will undergo a complete transformation in the near future. The current red and white city cars (Volkswagen up!), station wagons (Volkswagen Golf Variant) and vans (Volkswagen Caddy) will disappear from the cityscape. This will be replaced by plug-in cars such as the electric Volkswagen ID. models. “Greenwheels wants to continue to act as a driver of sustainable urban mobility. This means that we have to set the bar high for ourselves, for example by accelerating the electrification of the Greenwheels fleet,” says Andrew Berkhout, General Manager of Greenwheels.

Fully electric fleet

Greenwheels currently has 2.300 shared cars in 135 municipalities in the Netherlands. 10% of this is fully electrically powered. The next 500 electric cars are on order. “We realize that we face a huge task, but we are going to make emission-free driving even more accessible and attractive. As the founder of car sharing in the Netherlands, we help municipalities to make cities more liveable. Our promise: an emission-free shared car for everyone,” Berkhout continues. To this end, the car-sharing company will also be adding new electric cars to meet the growing demand. “These new cars are also more spacious and have more equipment. A win-win for our drivers.”

Collaboration with local authorities

Greenwheels is the largest shared car brand in the Netherlands. The permanent parking space at prime locations, where the user picks up and returns the car, is one of the success factors. In consultation with the local authorities, these parking spaces will be expanded with charging stations and additional locations will be created where necessary. “Using electric cars, especially in combination with fast charging, users can easily cover distances of hundreds of kilometers per day,” says Berkhout.

livable cities

Greenwheels' shared cars have never been so popular. The number of car sharers increased by 2021% in 20, in line with previous years. On average, each shared car replaces 11 cars. (Research Goudappel and Coffeng, mobility advisors. How Greenwheels makes cities more livable. See “With the current fleet, that means 25.300 fewer cars on the street,” says Berkhout. “Greenwheels can continue to grow with the arrival of electric cars. With the transformation of the fleet of Greenwheels we make a major contribution to making Dutch cities liveable.”

Photo above and below: Greenwheels image bank.

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