For many people, the summer holidays are approaching in the coming months, just hang in there and then we can enjoy our holiday again. After more than 2 years of corona and associated states, we are now more ready than ever. The corona restrictions have now disappeared in our country, but certain rules may still apply abroad. Do we remember what we all need to think about and what can we prepare in advance? You have probably seen it somewhere that the waiting times for a passport, identity card and driver's license can be considerable. Several countries outside the European Union require a passport that is valid for at least another six months upon arrival or departure from the country. Reason to check this first because the waiting times for applying for an identity document can be 3 to 4 weeks and waiting even longer is currently very normal.

The enormous chaos at Schiphol due to a staff shortage has probably not gone unnoticed, if you have not yet booked a summer holiday, it might be advisable to fly via an airport other than Schiphol. If you do fly via Schiphol, follow the advice and tips from this airport. Make sure you have good travel insurance and cancellation insurance and also check the conditions regarding corona. It remains uncertain and corona can suddenly break out again and then it is so nice if you are properly insured. Check in advance about the corona rules in the country you are going to. And perhaps mouth caps are still mandatory there.

Arrange a rental car in advance for your summer vacation, rental cars are scarce in many places and the rental prices can also skyrocket on the spot. If you go on holiday by car or camper, make sure you avoid the infamous black Saturdays to drive to your destination. Also don't forget to bring your green card from your car insurance, this is proof that your car is insured. Also check in advance whether you need vignettes or environmental stickers, you can order these online. Different rules may also apply in countries with regard to safety requirements. Check whether, for example, a first aid kit, warning triangle, safety vest or fire extinguisher must be present in your car. If you are going with an electric car, make sure you know in advance where you can charge on the road and take the correct charging cards with you.

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