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Owners of vehicles over 3.500 kg with a 'tipper system' can now use the so-called KIP-Keur for the inspection of this system. This independent quality mark was specially created by RAI CarrosserieNL to guarantee the safety and reliability of tipper systems. Tippers are installations on a truck chassis, trailer or semi-trailer that ensure that the load space can move backwards and/or sideways up and down. For example, a dump truck for moving sand. The Dutch rigid and trailer fleet has approximately 9.500 vehicles fitted with such an installation.

Importance for safety and reliability
Due to intensive use, tipper systems are subject to wear and tear. Periodic maintenance and expert checks are therefore important for the use of a reliable tipping system. The better a system is installed and adjusted, the better it is for the lifespan, the safety of the person operating the installation, the safety of bystanders and other road users. The Working Conditions Act also obliges entrepreneurs to have these systems inspected every year.

KIP inspection
From now on, entrepreneurs can go to a recognized KIP inspection company for the inspection of their system. These inspectors fall under the watchful eye of TÜV Nederland and are specially trained to carry out the inspection. KIP inspectors work on the basis of fixed protocols and inspection lists that not only check for safety, but also look for any maintenance defects or other technical problems. Defects are thus discovered more quickly, which extends the life of the tipper. Inspections can also be combined with any maintenance and repair.

Based on this number of registrations, the RAI Association expects that around 2.000 inspections will be conducted per year in the future. The KIP quality mark is the seventh quality mark created by RAI CarrosserieNL. All quality marks have in common that the safety, durability and reliability of systems and/or transport vehicles are guaranteed with the help of annual certified independent inspections. Royal Rai Association

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Owners of vehicles with a 'tipper system' can use the so-called KIP-Keur for the inspection of this system.