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Foreign tourists are not yet able to find their way back to our country, according to new, provisional figures from Statistics Netherlands today. This is because of course we are still dealing with the consequences of the corona crisis. The number of tourists is far from back to the old level. In the second quarter of this year, approximately 8 million tourists came to Dutch overnight accommodations, in record year 2019 this number was 39 percent higher in the second quarter. The number of foreign tourists staying in Dutch overnight accommodations was approximately 2019 million in the second quarter of 5,9, approximately 2020 thousand in 800 and less than 900 thousand in the same period this year.

Campsites suffered the least of all types of accommodation, with campsites receiving only 2019 percent fewer guests in the second quarter of this year compared to 7,8. Of all types of accommodations, hotels and group accommodations suffer the most from tourists staying away. From the Numbers shows that in the second quarter of this year hotels still have 52 percent fewer guests than in the same period in 2019. In the second quarter of this year, 67,2 percent fewer tourists stayed in group accommodations compared to 2019. These are significant differences and the demand is of course when this is all back to the old level.

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