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The Walloon government has awarded a subsidy of 1,5 million euros to offer free mobility at a local level to the victims of the flood. Walloon Minister of Mobility Philippe Henry (Ecolo) reports this in Het Laatste Nieuws. According to the independent website Passenger Transport Magazine  it concerns tailor-made transport, which can supplement public transport. The government subsidy goes to the Centrale Régionale de Mobilité (CRM), which coordinates transport on demand, on top of the public transport network. It is still unclear whether taxi companies will also play a role in this, but it is obvious.

"The transport on demand offers a flexible solution to the needs of the affected residents. Its features are well suited to provide a mobility solution for people who have lost their home and do not live near a regular TEC stop or a station. This can help them get their paperwork in order, run errands or get organized for the new school year,” said Henry. The measure will come into effect on August 23 and will remain in effect until October 31.

Many victims of the floods in mid-July lost not only their homes, but also their means of transport. About 50.000 cars were destroyed by the natural disaster, often carried away by the water current. In addition, many people had to move, which can make their mobility more difficult. Public transport has since been restored in most affected municipalities, but it cannot always meet the specific demands of the local population. In some places, such as Pepinster for example, rail transport will be interrupted for a long time.

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About 50.000 cars were destroyed by the natural disaster