Last Friday, the last region in our country, region south, went on summer vacation. Despite the varying corona infections in Europe, many Dutch people are going on holiday with their caravan or folding trailer one of these weeks or have already left. The campsites in Europe are slowly filling up. In order to be well prepared for a holiday, the ANWB and Autotaalglas held a holiday check last Saturday between 7:00 and 12:00 at the border crossing at the Hazeldonk car park for holidaymakers who want to travel with their car and caravan to Belgium, Luxembourg and France. . This holiday check is held every year by the ANWB, so that holidaymakers can travel safely.

The ANWB reports that good use was made of these services last Saturday morning. In total 16 caravans, 1 folding trailer, 1 camper and 50 cars were checked for possible defects. The technical condition of most of the cars was quite good. It was mainly small things, such as replacing lights and defective number plate lighting. One caravan had a brake light failure and there were caravans that were overloaded. There was even one caravan that was over 200 kilos too heavy, which can cause dangerous situations while driving. In one car the spring of a shock absorber, which is owned by the ANWB referred to the roadside assistance station in Breda to have this repaired.

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