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Figures from the annual GfK E-bike Monitor 2020 show that there are more young e-bike buyers in Germany and Belgium than in the Netherlands. Among e-bike buyers, the age groups 50 and over 65 are less well represented in these countries than in the Netherlands. The younger target group can partly be explained by the type of e-bike that is bought in our neighboring countries. The research shows that the share of sporty e-bikes in both Germany and Belgium is much larger than the Netherlands, and this type is mainly purchased by the younger target group. Another explanation is the more mountainous landscape that can also play a major role in this.

In addition, we see that price plays the most important role in the choice of an e-bike in all three countries. In addition to price, the range also plays a major role for Dutch consumers when they purchase an e-bike. This is a less important influencing factor for German and Belgian consumers, according to the GfK E-bike Monitor.

Dutch e-bike market more mature than Belgium and Germany

The research also clearly shows that the Dutch e-bike market is more mature than the Belgian and German markets. Last year's figures show that the group of Dutch consumers who will purchase a second e-bike is considerably larger than in Belgium and Germany. We also see that the use of e-bikes in the Netherlands is higher. For example, 30% of potential e-bike buyers in the Netherlands already own an e-bike. This is considerably more compared to Germany and Belgium, where 13% and 18% respectively own an e-bike.

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So there are still many growth opportunities for manufacturers and retailers in our neighboring countries. However, clear differences in the age groups compared to the Dutch market must be taken into account. How these target groups differ and what the customer journey is when purchasing an e-bike is explained in detail in this annual e-bike consumer survey. The GfK E-bike Monitor 2021 is already planned.

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