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Recently, the Social Economic Council (SER) published the draft advice “Socio-economic policy 2021-2025”. The recommendations in this report also concern the nearly 100.000 Dutch platform workers who offer their services and find work via online platforms such as Uber and Deliveroo. Yet, according to Yeni Joseph of NLdigital, platforms and platform workers were not involved in the formulation of the advice. Platforms are increasingly playing an important role in society. At the initiative of the industry association NLdigital two years ago, a number of platforms united in a Platform Collective to be a discussion partner in political and social discussions.

Unfortunately, we have to conclude that again platform workers and platforms are being thought, without having been spoken to. The Platform Collective calls on the negotiators of political parties and the informateur to also accept its extended hand in further elaboration of these recommendations, and to work together on solutions. Only in this way can this group of self-employed people be given justice and platforms are given the opportunity to offer them the protection they need, without this being at the expense of the flexibility that platform workers find so important.

Platforms play an important role in society. There are now almost 100.000 platform workers who offer their services and find work here. The role of platforms within society is becoming increasingly important. Two years ago, at the initiative of NLdigital, a number of platforms united in a Platform Collective, precisely to be a discussion partner in these kinds of discussions. Unfortunately, this necessary step was skipped in the development of the recommendations in the draft advice on socio-economic policy 2021-2025 that was presented.

letter to the informant

Recently a brief sent by Lotte de Bruijn, director of NLdigital, to informateur Hamer. The funds that the government has recently made available to absorb the worst economic blows have proved essential for preserving our economic base. Now is the time to think about sustainable recovery and responsible transition. The European resources in the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) and the conditions outlined for it are a very good basis as far as NLdigital is concerned. It is not without reason that Europe asks to use at least 20% of the resources for digitization and to combine the efforts in this area with themes such as climate, sustainability, skills and combating inequalities.

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