From next Tuesday, June 8, there will no longer be a curfew on Curaçao. Prime Minister Eugene Rhuggenaath has announced this. Only eleven corona infections have been detected in the past fourteen days.

Many Curaçaoans have already been vaccinated. More than 85.000 people have had one shot. That is almost 70 percent of the total adult population. In total, more than 70.000 people have been vaccinated twice. Curaçao has had a curfew for about twelve months since March 2020.

The measures will be further relaxed for Curaçao residents. Now they have to do a PCR test before departure and an antigen test three days after arrival. From next week, those obligations will disappear for all people who have been vaccinated twice and come from low-risk countries. For passengers from high-risk countries, everyone who has been vaccinated twice is only obliged to do an antigen test on Curaçao.

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Curaçao Willenstad - view from Queen Emma bridge
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