Lightyear, the high-tech company that develops solar cars, appoints Philippe Humbrecht as Head of Project Management. Humbrecht was previously active as Head of Program Office at McLaren Automotive. With his appointment, Humbrecht adds more than twenty years of experience to the Lightyear team. After a career at Renault, he moved from France to the United Kingdom to work for Lotus and McLaren respectively. There he launched and delivered the Exige V6, four variants of the Sport Series and the award-winning 600LT. He then became responsible for project management for the MSO team, the special projects division.

Efficient and sustainable mobility

The choice for Lightyear reflects an important turning point in the mobility sector, according to Humbrecht. “I've had the privilege of launching the most exciting cars,” explains the new Program Manager. “But the world around us is changing, and we have to change with it. Lightyear is working on the possibilities to make a difference when it comes to efficient and sustainable mobility, now and in the future. That makes it a logical choice for me. ”

At Lightyear, Humbrecht is responsible for delivering Lightyear One to the company's customers. He also supports the further development of the company and the delivery of the next high-volume car. “The ultimate goal is to make clean mobility accessible to everyone,” concludes Humbrecht enthusiastically.

Consistent growth

Another expert has started from McLaren together with Humbrecht. Edwin de Kreij, formerly Senior Hybrid & Vehicle Systems Engineer, has been active at Lightyear as a Senior Systems Architect since 23 March.

“We are extremely proud to welcome these two exceptional strengths into our growing organization. With these appointments, we acquire the right knowledge and expertise to expand even further and offer new ways of sustainable mobility. "

The mission of Lightyear is to make clean mobility available to everyone in the world. Lightyear develops electric cars with an energy-efficient design and integrated solar panels. For example, depending on the climate, drivers can drive up to 2016 kilometers on sunlight annually. The company was founded in 120 and currently employs more than 2019 employees. The team is made up of a mix of young talent and people with automotive industry experience, including former Tesla, McLaren and Ferrari employees. In addition, the European Commission awarded a Horizon 848620 grant to Lightyear in 2020 under agreement number 2019. In the summer of XNUMX, Lightyear launched the first mobile prototype, the Lightyear One, and opened a new office.
Lightyear One
Lightyear One
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