Last month, the ANWB launched the campaign: Every child safely on the bike. This campaign was started because more attention should be paid to children's cycling skills and road safety. In addition, it is not self-evident that every child in the Netherlands has a bicycle. Research shows that 1 in 9 children in the Netherlands does not have their own good children's bicycle. Every child in the Netherlands should have a bicycle, this way a child can playfully gain experience in traffic. Everyone can help by donating children's bicycles. There are probably quite a few people who still have a bicycle somewhere in their shed that is in reasonable condition and that is not being used. There are already several municipalities that are collaborating on the children's bicycle plan with the ANWB, including, for example, the municipality of Rotterdam.

Alderman Robert van Asten recently handed over the first bicycle in The Hague to Laura. 

"Hopefully this will be the first of many bikes and we will see a lot more happy faces."

The province of Brabant now has the counter of donated children's bicycles for the children's bicycle plan at 10.000. The province of Flevoland also had the counter at 10.000 at the end of last month. The Municipality of The Hague is also participating in this campaign and is therefore starting a collection campaign for children's bicycles. From April 20 to May 30, residents of The Hague who have a child's bicycle left can hand in that bicycle at different locations locations in the city. The bicycles go to the Learning to Do Foundation. The bicycles are being refurbished there. The refurbished bicycles go to children for whom a bicycle is not self-evident. All bicycles for children from the age of 8 to 18 are welcome. The bicycles returned are refurbished or disassembled, disassembled parts are reused for other bicycles.

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