Private lease for boats is sailing for a fixed amount per month. In addition to using the boat, maintenance, winter storage, transport, insurance and roadside assistance are included. Private Lease is a well-known phenomenon within the automotive industry, but it was not yet there for boats. This while there is a lot involved in having a boat. To make this possible, we work together with a select group of premium dealers across the country, the BotenWacht, say the ANWB on the water and EDR for the credit acceptance process.

Removal of thresholds

Martijn Draaisma, one of the founders, says: “Having your own boat has quite a few financial and operational barriers. With Leaseboot these barriers are removed, which ensures that a private boat is accessible to many more people and is financially feasible ”.

All-in subscription

Lease boat stands for carefree sailing. No high purchase costs and no surprises, but sail for a fixed amount per month that can be budgeted. Customers only need to arrange a berth for the summer and for fuel or electricity themselves. Everything else has been arranged and is included in the subscription amount.

Leasing in practice

The founders combine the convenience of online with the power of the personal service that the dealers offer. Interested parties can easily put together a boat to taste on a smartphone, tablet or computer and the quotation can be digitally signed immediately. Finally, it is possible to request an appointment online for a viewing or trial run.

Current zeitgeist

Sander Verheul, co-founder says: “It is entirely in line with the current subscription period, in which not ownership but use is central. People are busy and want to make the most of the limited time they have. Especially now, but also soon after Corona, it is a pleasant way to enjoy the outdoors on the water. Thanks to this concept, it becomes possible for many more people. ”

Also business leasing

In addition to Private Lease, operational leasing is also offered for (rental) companies. In this way they respond to increasing demand to grow but to continue to have available capital.

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