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If it is up to the mayor Henri Lenferink of Leiden, we better keep the curfew to prevent things going wrong in the south of the country. The caretaker cabinet announced on Tuesday that the lockdown will be extended until March 2. Primary schools will open from next week. There are no definitive statements yet about the curfew. The curfew applies in any case until Wednesday 10 February 4.30:XNUMX am. The cabinet wants to get rid of this measure, but it is not yet clear whether the number of infections has fallen sufficiently. 

Ernst Kuipers, chairman of the National Network Acute Care, is in favor of extending the curfew. As far as he is concerned, the curfew must remain in effect after February 10. The cabinet will ask the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) for new advice on what to do with the package of measures. D66 MP Kees Verhoeven says he finds it illogical to abolish the curfew. The Member of Parliament says he first wants to wait for the effect of the current curfew to judge it. Head of infectious diseases of the GGD Anja Schreijer does not expect that the Outbreak Management Team will advise the cabinet at the end of this week to withdraw the curfew on 10 February. “We just live in a period of uncertainty for a while."

Meanwhile, the southern neighbors are more concerned about the clothes. Schools, party shops and even Aalst carnivalists do not venture into corona costumes. In less than two weeks, the hearts of many revelers will bleed, because then carnival would be celebrated all over the country. Also in Aalst, where the carnival is recognized by UNESCO and is therefore on the world heritage list. According to various Flemish media, even seasoned carnivalists struggle with the theme. Party wear wholesalers are clear. We do not have virus packs with those pink and red protrusions in their range.

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Anja Schreijer on the role of the GGD in the new phase of the corona virus | On 1