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A totally wrong signal to the customers or a matter of doing good business. Some hotels offer their rooms at discounted prices when guests eat in their restaurant. Other hotels have discovered a creative way to offer family parties or special packages. It's just a way to be able to work within the corona measures and still generate some income. In the meantime, the cabinet has leveled the rules regarding the sale of alcohol. Hotels are no longer allowed to serve alcohol in their bars and restaurants from 20.00 p.m.

keep coloring within the lines

Every entrepreneur must make his own choices within the rules. We are all strong to balance along the rules of the law, but we all have an interest in getting the numbers down. The few entrepreneurs who discount their rooms and link this to a restaurant visit do indeed color within the lines. Compare it with Ryanair's creativity. Flights at extremely low prices to areas that are orange due to the corona virus cannot be banned either. At the request of the House of Representatives, aviation minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen has requested legal advice on this matter, but there are no grounds to ban the flights.

"People who are creative with the rules are holding back the decline in corona numbers," said virologist. "For us this is a way of survival, otherwise we have nothing," said the hotel owner.

restaurants can remain open, according to OMT

While cafes and restaurants had to close to curb the second wave, hotels are promoting their food and drink offerings to still attract some visitors. According to the OMT, keeping restaurants open would have been an option. In order to avoid disputes about the details of the rules, the cabinet opted for a complete closure of cafes and restaurants, with the exception of the hotels.

Hotel Yulia looked to the limit for loopholes in the emergency ordinance. For only 10 euros, visitors were registered as hotel guests at the adjacent Hilton Hotel, so that the restaurant could simply receive those people. According to Minister Grapperhaus of Justice & Security, such an action is not the intention. Officially, the hotel chain is not doing anything wrong. After all, hotels are allowed to remain open and that includes facilities such as a café and restaurant. 

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