The corona crisis also brings one positive thing with it, namely fewer traffic fines. Fewer fines were handed out in our country in May, June, July and August than in the same period last year. In May, June, July and August this year, 2.679.310 traffic offenses were found, last year there were 2.974.497 traffic offenses in the same period. That is 295.187 less than in the same period last year.

This is evident from the second tertial (period of 4 months) overview of the Traffic Regulations Administrative Law Enforcement Act (Wahv) 2020, which National government has published on their website. This is of course due to the measures of the corona crisis, everyone was called by our government in mid-March to stay at home as much as possible and therefore also to work from home. This made it a lot quieter on the roads and as a result there were fewer traffic violations.

This has saved the Dutch a lot of money on fines for traffic offenses. In the first 4 months of this year (the first tertial) the number of traffic fines decreased even more. At that time, 2.481.352 traffic offenses were found. Most traffic fines for the second tertial this year were awarded for speeding offenses. That was a total of 2.225.014 fines.

The total number of fines for driving a red card was 79.621 in the second tertial. During this period 58.934 fines were issued for handheld phones. Telephone use on bicycles is also prohibited from 1 July 2019. Of the total number of fines for the second tertial, 339.876 fines were sent to foreign traffic offenders. Germans committed the most traffic offenses in this period in our country, no fewer than 141.299 fines were sent. Followed by the Belgians, they were sent home 83.493 fines for traffic violations. The Poles also received a considerable number of fines for traffic violations in our country, no less than 32.837.

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