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Because the government is increasingly easing the corona measures, the hygiene protocol at the Central Bureau for Driving Skills (CBR) is also slowly easing from 13 July, they report on their website. This means, among other things, that from now on driving instructors may again attend the final interview of certain specific exams in the examination room.

These specific exams are: Driving ability tests, adapted exams (AA), driving tests, practical exams for professional transport, performance anxiety exams (B) and further examinations. You may also use an interpreter again for practical exams B, C, D and for a driving test and driving skills test. This went over the phone during the low point of the crisis. You can sit at the table with a maximum of 3 people during the final interview, this was also the case during the corona crisis. So you can choose whether the interpreter is present during the final interview or the driving instructor, because the examiner is always present.

Driving instructors are also allowed to ride in the teaching car again from 1 August for certain specific exams. These specific exams are: exams for the bus (D), adapted exams (AA), driving tests, further investigations and failure anxiety exams (B). Builders of technical vehicle modifications may also be present at the driving tests again. Driving instructors in training (WRM internship) are allowed to ride in the teaching car from 1 August. Driving instructors are not allowed to ride for all other exams and can attend the final meeting in the hall so far. From 1 September, driving instructors are allowed to ride in the school car again with a RIS test (Driver Training In Steps) and with the interim test (TTT).

The CBR hopes that as of 1 October driving instructors will be able to drive the class car again with all types of driving tests and tests. This of course depends on how it is with the coronavirus in our country and is therefore subject to change. Hopefully now everything related to the corona virus will get better and we will not fall back into a huge corona crisis again.

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