The numbers of corona infections are increasing in more and more countries, resulting in adjusted travel advice. As of July 8, 2020, the entry ban to the Netherlands will again apply to Balkan countries Montenegro and Serbia. Last week, these countries were still considered safe and the entry ban to the Netherlands was lifted for them. But now that the situation regarding corona infections has deteriorated again, the government has reintroduced this measure to protect the public health of the Netherlands.

"Unfortunately, the situation in Serbia and Montenegro has deteriorated to such an extent that the government has decided to enforce the travel ban again to protect public health in the Netherlands," Minister of Justice Grapperhaus wrote in a brief to the House of Representatives.

The national government strongly advises travelers who return to the Netherlands from Montenegro and Serbia to go to home quarantine for a fortnight. Both countries have now been given the color code orange on the website of the national government due to the increase in the number of corona infections (only necessary trips). These countries are therefore no longer considered 'safe'.

The lifting of the travel restriction, effective July 1, for travelers who reside permanently in the following countries: Algeria, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia and Uruguay remains effective. For travelers from China, the entry ban will be lifted as soon as China itself also allows EU citizens.

The past few days have been very restless in Serbia. This week, protesters in Serbia stormed the parliament building because its president (Aleksandar Vucic) announced another lockdown for next weekend. This is because now 300 to 350 infections per day are counted again. Residents disagree and rebel. They believe that the government is responsible for the new outbreak. In May, the corona measures were relaxed at a rapid pace.

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