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Now that the corona measures have been relaxed, passenger aviation is slowly starting up again, and there are various discussions about how this is possible and whether this is justified. Cinema halls, theaters and restaurants are currently allowed to receive up to 30 people. Many people find this strange and wonder what the difference is with an airplane that can accommodate at least 130 people. In an airplane, you can't keep a meter and a half apart anyway.

Although safety “will never be one hundred percent”, head of infectious disease control Jaap van Dissel does not believe that the one and a half meter rule should by definition also apply in aviation. According to him, it is up to the sector to come up with appropriate measures.

RIVM experts have opposed the ONGOING said that the chances of corona infections on the plane are very small. RIVM head of infectious disease control Jaap van Dissel is not afraid of large-scale infection in aircraft. According to him, there has never been a major infection with a virus on an airplane in the past. Professor Andreas Voss really thinks otherwise. He tells the media that he cannot believe that the cough drops or sneeze drops cannot get to the neighbor because of the strong airflow in an airplane. He prefers to see an empty chair between 2 people.

According to aviation expert Joris Melkert, an airplane has special HEPA filters on board and a different air ventilation than, for example, theater halls, cinemas and office buildings. These filters ensure that 99 percent of the organic substances and particles are filtered out of the air. The air circulation in an airplane is also very good. According to Melkert, the passengers must adhere to the Corona rules, if you have complaints, then absolutely not fly. And keep one and a half meters apart at the airport. The airlines themselves have also taken various measures. It differs per airline, but many airlines apply the following corona rules, among other things: wearing face masks during the flight, online check-in, no service during the flights, occasional temperature check, etc. So what is the truth about the chance of contamination on the plane will show the future.

“We know a number of situations where people with infectious diseases have traveled, swine flu, advanced stages of Ebola, open tuberculosis. One of the things you learn from this is that if someone with an infectious disease has been on board without realizing it, the contact investigation can be limited to those who have been on the plane around that person. ”

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