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Fortunately Zoo Veldhoven has reopened after being closed for a long time. The corona crisis hit hard, they were closed to visitors from March 16 to May 8. This means that there has been no income for all this time. The costs for the care of the animals continued as normal.

They therefore have one in that period crowdfunding campaign set up, The goal was € 65.000 but so far € 21.212 has been raised. Occasionally people come to donate food for the animals. Zoo Veldhoven is a private zoo. They are therefore dependent on gifts and entrance fees because they are not supported by the government or municipality. 

Hopefully, many visitors will come to the park now that the corona measures are being relaxed more slowly. It is currently only possible to visit the park if an online reservation has been made. The visitor has 2 choices, part 1 of 9: 00-12: 30 and part 2 of 13: 30-17: 00. This is to prevent peak times and to guarantee the safety of visitors and staff.

Corona measures

Also, all kinds of corona measures have been taken on it park. When arriving at the parking lot, directions are given to visitors where to park in case of crowds. The entrance is kept separate from the exit with barrier tape and pawns. A one-way route has been created on the park. Disinfectants are spread across the park. The terrace and restaurant in the Bamboo jungle is closed. 

However, you can get various refreshments at a dispensing counter. Staff are also walking around to ensure that everything runs smoothly, as everyone must keep a distance of 1,5 meters from each other. There are signs with corona guidelines throughout the park. The toilet building contains directions for visitors with hygiene tips. In short, Richard Loomans and his staff are ready to receive visitors and have a nice day.

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finally cars on parking again