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Catering entrepreneurs in The Hague will be given more space. The Municipality of The Hague allows terraces from 1 June to at least 1 September to be expanded by a maximum of 25 percent. Beach pavilions are allowed to use space to expand their terrace. Busy shopping streets in the city center will have a walking direction. This is stated in a letter from the College that was sent to the council today. Entrepreneurs can use this to prepare in the run-up to 1 June.

The extension of terraces has been made possible thanks to the announced relaxation of measures against the corona virus. Catering entrepreneurs will be able to open their doors again from 1 June, taking into account the distance of one and a half meters.

“In this proposal we temporarily give entrepreneurs more space to exploit their terrace in the one and a half meter society. It is important that there is room for everyone. Pedestrians and cyclists must be able to pass, and emergency services must also not be hindered. Caution is needed everywhere to ensure the health of all residents, employees and visitors. The rule to keep a distance is our holy grail, ”said Alderman Hilbert Bredemeijer.

additional measures

In the city center of The Hague, a walking direction is installed in the shopping streets in the center, such as Spuistraat, Vlamingstraat and Venestraat. Visitors are supposed to keep walking to the right and keep a meter and a half away. The municipality also applies tailor-made solutions for entrepreneurs who do not yet have a terrace permit, but do want to. The municipality processes applications as quickly as possible. Beach pavilions are also given space. The new beach policy already gave them the space to place permit-free small objects such as lounge beds and playground equipment on the beach. From 1 June this space may be used to extend the terrace. 

“It is nice that entrepreneurs are again given the space to get started. This is important for employment, but also for the liveliness of the city. At the same time, overcrowding must be avoided and the distance rule applies. That is complicated. We ask a lot of our entrepreneurs: they are responsible for maintaining the distance, both in the business and on the terrace. We work hard with a lot of creativity. I trust that together we will succeed in fully enjoying our beautiful city again in a responsible manner, ”says Alderman Saskia Bruines.


The accessibility for emergency and emergency services, public transport and loading and unloading are by no means up for discussion. Sufficient space must always be left for this. For the extension of terraces it is important that there are no obstacles to free passage and safety. The XNUMX meter distance also remains important. Excesses are maintained; safety comes first. The municipality of The Hague calls on residents and entrepreneurs to make this a success together.

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