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About 100 flights were handled on normal days at Eindhoven Airport before the corona crisis. Airport Operations Manager Frédérique Bot-Portheine says that since mid-March it has been a huge challenge to comply with the laws and regulations regarding the one and a half meter distance between passenger and employees.

Due to the measures that have been taken, various adjustments have been made to receive passengers safely. What was picked up first was hygiene. Disinfection pumps were installed and signage in various languages ​​throughout the terminal in every possible way. It is clear to read what is expected of the passengers and what the consequences are if one does not want to comply with them.

crew alerts the travelers

When an airplane arrives, the crew is asked to point out to the passengers that Eindhoven Airport respects one and a half meters and that expected passengers are expected to do so. The flow officers are responsible on the platform after landing that the passengers keep a distance of one and a half meters. The baggage handling is attempted as quickly as possible so that the passengers can walk through as much as possible and do not get stuck on the baggage claim.

A sector plan is also currently being drawn up. Both airports and airlines are involved, together with the relevant Ministry. This jointly examines the possibilities for the future and how you can better organize the entire aviation process.

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Frederique Bot-Portheine
Eindhoven Airport
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