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The new German traffic regulations prohibit the use of devices that provide traffic jam alerts. Most state and local authorities believe that speed camera alerts make driving safer. French law does not allow speed camera alerts, but instead, it is allowed to alert you to an area with potential dangers, including speed cameras.

The difference between safety camera signals on the navigation system and radar detection equipment is the source of the information. The safety camera signal is obtained by GPS, while a radar detector receives the radar signal. The latter system is prohibited almost everywhere. Systems such as TomTom and Flitsmeister use their own database for mobile flash units and fixed flash cabinets, where they send a signal to the driver based on the GPS position of the car.

no unambiguous European policy

In many countries such as Cyprus, Germany, Republic of Macedonia, Turkey and Switzerland, all speed camera warning systems are prohibited. Most navigation systems therefore do not offer a flash service in those countries. Users in these countries do not need to manually adjust the settings on their navigation system.

At TomTom, they comply with local laws and adjust the working method on the device if necessary. In accordance with these rules, speed camera alerts are disabled by default on all TomTom navigation devices. With newer navigation systems and apps, there is often no speed camera warning of countries where this is not allowed. In these cases you do not have to do anything. 

high fines for radar detection systems 

The use or possession of radar detection equipment is prohibited in almost all countries in Europe. The use and possession of a radar detector carries heavy fines and seizure of the detector. In addition, it is prohibited to have equipment in the car that disrupts police equipment. These are the so-called jammers.

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speed control
speed control
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Pitane Apps New Generation