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During a targeted campaign at the Heining in Amsterdam, 15 uninsured and suspended taxis were seized which were parked on public roads. The taxi organization concerned, also as a name, has previously been guilty of this criminal offense. For the company in question, the seizure did not come as a real surprise, since XNUMX taxis had previously been removed.

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The violations were established by Police Amsterdam Team Taxizaken. These are taxis of companies that are established as a private company at PO Box addresses. Some of the companies are located in other parts of the country. An official report has been drawn up against the owners. The taxis have been transferred to a closed area in consultation with the Public Prosecution Service. The owners have fourteen days to insure the cars and collect them from the police, which means that the suspension will also lapse.

The police say it will continue to act in situations where this is not the case. The police also take action against driving with a suspended license plate, whether or not without valid insurance.

Many taxi companies currently suspend license plates and cancel insurance because their taxis drive much less because of the corona virus. The suspension of a license plate is an arrangement that has been made possible by the National Road Traffic Service (RDW) if a car has not been used for a long time. The condition is that the vehicle is not on public roads.

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