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Schools or municipalities that have to provide special transport may appeal to the many bus companies where hundreds coaches in the garage since March 17. After the press conference of Prime Minister Rutte and Minister De Jonge, after the cabinet crisis meeting, it became clear that schools themselves are responsible for arranging special transport for those children who live too far away. Using public transport remains taboo and is intended for essential transport.

rules for education 

From 1 June, public transport will run again according to the normal timetable at approximately 40% of the capacity. This means that public transport is only intended for necessary journeys. The obligation to wear a non-medical mouth mask applies from 1 June from 13 years old in the train, tram, bus or metro. One and a half meters away remains the rule at the stations and platforms.

The secondary schools will open on 2 June on the basis of the one-and-a-half meter rule, also for students among themselves. In practice, this means that not all students can be at school at the same time. The schools are given as much space as possible to arrive at workable timetables and are now also working on this. It is really the intention that schools provide all students with physical education and not limit this to, for example, a mentor hour or a few tests at school and it is also important that public transport does not become overloaded when the secondary schools reopen. So students come on foot or by bicycle. And for pupils who live far away, schools arrange special transport.

secondary education

Secondary special schools are also allowed to open on 2 June on the basis of the one and a half meter rule. Of course we realize that for these schools even more customization is needed to keep a meter and a half away. For example, there is a possibility that certain students may not or not immediately make full use of physical education for medical reasons. And of course it is even more important in secondary special education that risk groups are extra careful and that people with complaints stay at home.

Primary school children currently go to school half the time. And we see that schools are taking this up well. Primary schools will open fully from 8 June, unless all ongoing studies into the spread of the virus in primary education show that this would not be responsible in the coming weeks. In the coming weeks, agreements will be made with education about the details of this further opening. Following this intention, out-of-school care will also reopen as of 8 June. From then on, children can return to all normal days. This also ends the scheme whereby the government reimburses the personal contribution for parents.

Finally, in MBO, HBO and academic education, tests and practical education can take place at the institution from 15 June. And that education is organized in such a way that students do not have to travel during rush hour.

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