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From June, the small and large cinemas in the Netherlands will finally be open again. These were closed as of March 15, 2020 in connection with the corona crisis measures. The smaller cinemas respond positively and are happy. They are eagerly waiting for the customers. Every bit of turnover is welcome after weeks of no turnover. They are making all kinds of preparations and provisions for the reopening of their cinema. From 1 July, visitors will be increased from 30 to 100 people if this goes well. The relaxation of the corona measures will put more pressure on public transport, which is why the Pathé cinema chain is calling on visitors not to come to the cinema by public transport.

Pathé cinema chain is happy with the reopening in June, but it also has a double feeling. The turnovers with 30 visitors in a room are not doing well, according to Jacques Hoendervangers (Pathé director). Pathé released a special corona protocol yesterday. This protocol has been approved by the government. This protocol contains rules and guidelines that everyone who visits a cinema must adhere to. Of course, the employees of the cinema must also adhere to this. They use the guidelines of RIVM and the government.

On the website are the corona guidelines and there are also rules that the visitors can apply themselves to help. Here are some examples of guidelines and rules: Visitors must buy a movie ticket online in advance. A maximum of 30 people may be present in a cinema room. Health questions will be asked to the visitor. Visitors cannot choose a seat in advance. Visitors are accompanied by an employee upon entering and exiting the hall. Between performances, extra entry and exit times are used, so that visitors do not cross each other. There are extra hygiene measures to protect employees and visitors. Come to the cinema with a maximum of 2 people or with your household. Do not come by public transport, but take the car or bicycle.

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